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News and Events

Student Patrol Video - Take #1

We started filming close to the end of the season, but it came together pretty well. More to come this winter!

2013 Eastern Division Student Seminar - Smugglers Notch, VT

Five students from Maine were there, tearing it up on solid ice in the freezing cold weekend in March.

From Left to Right: Jesse Cottingham (ME Region Student Advisor), Jordan Trafford, Cody Moen, Alex Lord, Paige Kennison and Shennah Derstine.

EDSS 2013

2013 Maine Region Student Patrol Clinic

Students and instructors from Shawnee Peak and Lost Valley gathered with Craig Larson (Eastern Division Student Patrol Advisor) for a group photo after a morning of S&T and OEC training in February.

Thanks to Craig for continuing to support the ME Region students, to all the instructors who volunteered their time to work with the students and to Ed Rock and Sonny Davis for hosting the event at Shawnee Peak.

MRSC 2013

2012 Eastern Division Student Seminar - Bromley, VT

Eight students from Maine were there, having a blast on a sunny weekend in March, and walking away with a few awards too!

From Left to Right: Jake Schrader, Jordan Trafford, Jesse Cottingham, Sasha Van Baars, Colin Bridge-Konegsberg, Shennah Derstine, Alex Lord, Damion Hubbard, Darryl Trafford and NSP Board Chairman Burt Mitchell

EDSS 2012

2011 Eastern Division Student Seminar

Another success for the Shawnee Peak Student Patrol! Twelve students from Shawnee were in attendance, putting on a spectacular performance and bringing home a total of five awards.

Front Row: Sasha Van Baars, Damion Hubbard, Jordan Trafford, Taylor Newton, Colin Bridge-Konegsberg
Back Row: Wes Marean, Jake Schrader, Caleb Young, Kristian Peterson, Morgan Brown, Tony Triglione, absent: Steven Caracciolo

EDSS 2011

2011 Maine Region Student Patrol Clinic

Thanks to Craig Larson and Jerry Hyson, Eastern Division National Ski Patrol representatives. Thanks to Darryl Trafford, Andy Smith and Dan Pascucci for running the program.

Group photo — with Damian Hubbard, Sasha Van Baars, Wesley Marean, Morgan Brown, Kristian Peterson, Jordan Trafford, Craig Larson, Tony Triglione, Audrey Boyd, Ron Rideout, Taylor Newton, Caleb Young, Cody Batchelor, Shennah Derstine, Colin Kimball and Dan Pascucci.

MRSC 2011

"Shawnee Student Patrol Achieves Success"

Fall 2010 SPM

Ski Patrol Magazine Fall 2010 Issue
Article on page 63
By: Candace Horgan.

Maine gets some national attention for having such an awesome Student Patrol! Doug Wall shares about his experiences working with the Student Patrol program at Shawnee Peak.

Download and read the article here(0.6MB PDF).

The 2010 Maine Region Student Ski Patrol Clinic

February 6, 2010
Shawnee Peak, Bridgton ME

Jim Viehl, the Maine Region Student Advisor, organized the event. Dan Pascucci, Denise Pascucci, Paul Rawson, and Andy Smith evaluated the students in OEC in a number of skill stations and scenarios.

Eastern District Student Advisor, Craig Larson, put the students through ski/snowboard and toboggan skills with the help of Jesse Cottingham and Alissa Leonard. Eighteen students, from Shawnee Peak and Mt. Abrams, participated in the events.

Shawnee SSP 09/10

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